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Activo-Med Equine Aqua Treadmill

Our water treadmill has been installed at ground level to avoid the need for ramps to load in and out. It has a transparent side panel so that you can view your horse working.

Use the water treadmill to:

• Provide controlled, supervised exercise for both rehabilitation and aerobic activity
• Improve cardiovascular activity, stride length and muscle tone
• Improve core strength without putting excess strain on joints
• Improve straightness and encourage the horse to work evenly and symmetrically
• Increase shoulder, hock and stifle mobility
• Develop range of movement
• Encourage lateral flexion of the back
• Assist circulation and reduce swellingActivo – Med Equine Spa

The horse spa offers cold water therapy which helps to reduce the risk of injury after exercise and also brings relief from pain, bruising, swelling and soft tissue damage. We also offer salt water as an option, which further aids the natural healing of wounds. It is ideal for treating tendon and ligament injuries, inflammation, hoof related injuries, arthritis and laminitis.

Activo–Med Combi Floor

The Combi Floor combines controlled vibration with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). This aids circulation and general well being, but it can also be used for rehabilitation and healing. It can aid the repair of soft tissue injuries, reduce inflammation, help pain relief, and even helps the healing of mild fractures.

Equine Pool

The equine pool refurbishment is now complete and offers both straight lane and circular swimming options. We look forward to welcoming visiting horses as soon as the warmer weather arrives. Swimming is beneficial for improving cardio vascular stamina without putting any stress on the legs and tendons. 

We offer individual spa sessions in addition to long and short term rehabilitation/spa solutions. 


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